Animal Friendly Travel

pet friendly hotels

Taking your pet with you on vacation used to be difficult due to the different pet policies. Many owners dress up their pets and bring them to “doggie daycares”, for some, it could be like an only child. As a result, consumers want to bring their pets with them on vacations. Pets are apart of the family and businesses and organizations are starting to take note of this. One area in particular has really catered to the wants of their customers.

In Las Vegas, it is no longer a gamble to take your cat or dog with you. Since 2011, hotels on the strip have really picked up and added dog-friendly services. Other properties have doubled-down on pampering for the four footed, adding beds, personalized water bowls, drool-worthy room menus and dog walking services. Lodging for the pets very with some requiring a fee. Most of the hotels prefer dogs, some allow cats and a few welcome any pet, even feathered and finned!

On arrival, many hotels offer your extra guests treats, relief bags even a personal chef! At the Cosmopolitan, they provide you with great dog walking routes and for quick stops, a dog run. While these are wonderful benefits for your dog while traveling, one hotel in particular goes above and beyond. The Trump Hotel provides massages, not only for you, but also for your dog!  These massages go beyond the traditional tummy rub.

Las Vegas was always thought of as an adult playground. However, lately the pets have been the ones also getting pampered. With so many options to stay, more and more hotels are offering pet friendly places to stay when traveling. With more and more Las Vegas hotels catching onto this consumer trend, it is important for other businesses to catch on as well. Allowing for pet friendly accommodations not only makes for a happy customer, but also further enhances the experiences within the hotel.